Structure and Representation Theory of p-adic Reductive Groups

Email: snshah at math dot columbia dot edu

Office: Math 505

Time and place

Tuesday and Thursday lectures are from 2:40-3:55pm in Math 407.

Friday lectures will be announced here and are from 1-2:30pm in Math 622.


The structure and representation theory of p-adic reductive groups plays a central role in the theory of automorphic forms. Via conjectures of Langlands, these topics mirror aspects of the representation theory of Galois groups of local fields. This course aims to develop a clear picture of the category of representations as well as of the internal structure of a single representation. We will emphasize concrete results over abstract theory, and incorporate examples as often as possible.

Friday lectures will be occasionally added in order to cover background material. Topics covered on Friday lectures will include the theory of reductive groups, finite groups and their representations, discussions of the global Langlands program, and applications of the main topics of the course.

The schedule below will be updated over the course of the semester.