Shrenik N. ShahShrenik Shah

I am a Ritt Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University. I received my Ph.D. in 2014 from Princeton University under the supervision of Christopher Skinner.

I work on problems in the intersection of algebraic number theory, representation theory, and algebraic geometry. I am broadly interested in questions connected to the Langlands program and special values of L-functions. Recently I have been interested in proving cases of Beilinson's conjecture on Archimedean regulators and exploring applications to Euler systems and Iwasawa theory.

Email: snshah at math dot columbia dot edu

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Fall 2015: Calculus III

Fall 2016: Making and Breaking Codes

Fall 2017: Structure and Representation Theory of p-adic Reductive Groups

Spring 2018: Calculus III, Sections 3 and 4