Student Probability Seminar

This is Columbia Student Probability Seminar, run by the students of Mathematics department at Columbia University.

This semester, Spring 2020, I am organizing the Student Probability Seminar. Email me (sayan at if you want to be added on the mailing list. Archives of seminars in previous semesters are available here.

We usually focus on reading some specific probability topic each semester. We may also have practice talks on other probability topics by the students. Feel free to email me if you wish to give a practice talk!

We meet on Tuesdays 6pm - 7pm, Room: 622 Math. This semester we studied Directed Landscape from this paper. See the schedule below!

P.S.: From April 7, we were having talks on Zoom!

Date Speaker Title
February 4 Xuan Wu Basics about the Directed Landscape.

Abstract: We will first explain what a direct landscape is and explore its basic properties. Then we will move on to give an overview of the main ingredients of the first construction of the directed landscape through Brownian last passge percolation, based on the recent result of Dauvergne, Ortmann and Virag.
February 11 Sayan Das Melons and Airy line ensemble.

Abstract: Continuing our discussion from last lecture, we will formally define Airy sheet and introduce the concept of melon of functions. Then we will define Airy line ensemble and discuss some of its probabilistic properties. This talk is roughly based on Section 2 of Dauvergne, Ortmann and Virag paper.
February 18 Mark Rychnovsky The geometry of last passage paths and melons.
February 25 Shalin Parekh Properties of Melon Paths.

Abstract: This week we continue reading the [Dauvergne-Ortmann-Virag] paper, with Sections 5 and (time-permitting) 6.
March 3 Yier Lin Modulus of Airy Line Ensemble.
March 10 No Seminar! Seminar Cancelled due to COVID-19!
March 17 Spring Break (no talk) Spring Break (no talk)
March 24 No Seminar! Seminar Cancelled due to COVID-19!
March 31 No Seminar! Seminar Cancelled due to COVID-19!
April 7 Hugo Falconet The Airy Sheet.

Abstract: I will discuss the key estimate as well as the existence of the Airy Sheet.
April 14 Sayan Das Properties of the Airy Sheet.

Abstract: Following Section 9, we will sketch some of the proofs of the key properties of the Airy Sheet.
April 21 Yier Lin Directed Landscape.