• Sayan Das
  • Department of Mathematics

    Preprints and Publications

    1. Sayan Das and Weitao Zhu. "Upper-tail large deviation principle for the ASEP." [arXiv link]
    2. Sayan Das and Evgeni Dimitrov. "Large deviations for discrete beta-ensembles." [arXiv link]
    3. Sayan Das and Promit Ghosal. "Law of Iterated Logarithms and Fractal Properties of the KPZ Equation." [arXiv link]
    4. Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sayan Das, and Sumit Mukherjee. "Motif Estimation via Subgraph Sampling: The Fourth Moment Phenomenon." [arXiv link]
    5. Sayan Das, and Li-Cheng Tsai. "Fractional moments of the Stochastic Heat Equation." To appear in Ann. Inst. Henri Poincare (B) Probab. Stat. [arXiv link]
    6. Sayan Das, and Rajat Subhra Hazra. "Extremal process of the zero-average Gaussian free field for d \geq 3." Statistics & Probability Letters 146 (2019): 42-49. [arXiv link]