John Sheridan, February 24, 2023

Title: Torelli theorems for certain Steiner bundles on projective space

Abstract: A vector bundle on projective space is called "Steiner" if it can be recognized simply as the cokernel of a map given by a matrix of linear forms. Such maps arise from various geometric setups and one can ask: from the Steiner bundle, can we recover the geometric data used to construct it? In this talk, we will mention an interesting Torelli-type result of Dolgachev and Kapranov from 1993 that serves as an origin of this story, as well as other work that this inspired. We'll then indicate our contribution which amounts to analogous Torelli-type statements for certain tautological bundles on the very ample linear series of a polarized smooth projective variety. This is joint work with R. Lazarsfeld.