Student Mathematics Colloquium

Spring 2018

Each week, the Student Mathematics Colloquium holds 45-minute talks by Columbia mathematics faculty about their own research.

The talks are intended for current PhD students in mathematics at Columbia.
If you are an undergraduate student or external graduate student and would like to come, please email me!

The colloquium meets at 6:00pm, Tuesdays in Mathematics Room 507.
The talks will be followed by dinner.
Date Speaker Title
January 23 Chao Li From congruent numbers to the BSD conjecture
January 30 Mohammed Abouzaid The Faustian bargain in symplectic topology
February 6 Brian Lawrence Methods from p-adic analysis
February 13 Ovidiu Savin Maximum principle and nonlinear PDEs
February 20 Sergiu Klainerman General relativity as a source of great mathematical problems
February 27 Ivan Corwin Beyond the Gaussian universality class
March 6 Arizona Winter School (no talk) Arizona Winter School (no talk)
March 13 Spring Break (no talk) Spring Break (no talk)
March 20 Dorian Goldfeld Super-positivity of L-functions
March 27 Michael Harris The local Langlands correspondence
April 3 Robert Friedman Complex manifolds with trivial canonical bundle
April 10 Simon Brendle Geometric flows and singularity formation
April 17 Eric Urban On congruences between automorphic forms
April 24 Mikhail Khovanov Introduction to categorification
May 1 Shrenik Shah Higher class number formulae
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Organizer: Robin Zhang