Student Seminar on Beyond Endoscopy (Spring 2018)


Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm on Mondays
Location: 622 Mathematics
Lunch: Meet at 11:30 am in the Mathematics Building Lobby

This semester Chao Li, Yihang Zhu and I are organizing a learning seminar on beyond endoscopy. The seminar abstract is as follows:

We will start with the classical analytic theory of L-functions given by Tate's thesis and Godement–Jacquet theory. Then we will survey the ideas of Braverman, Kazhdan, Ngô, et al. to generalize these theories to reductive groups, and the relation between these ideas and Langlands' ideas about beyond-endoscopy. We will then study the recent paper of Bouthier–Ngô–Sakellaridis that applies ideas from algebraic geometry to approach this problem.

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The schedule is tentative and subject to change as the seminar moves along.

  Date  Speaker  Topic  References 
Lecture 1  February 5  Sam Mundy  Tate's thesis, I   
Lecture 2  February 12  Sam Mundy  Tate's thesis, II   
Lecture 3  February 19  Sam Mundy  Godement–Jacquet theory: global aspects  [GH] 
Lecture 4  February 26  Hervé Jacquet  Godement–Jacquet theory: local aspects   
No talk  March 5    Canceled due to Arizona Winter School   
No talk  March 12    Spring Recess   
Lecture 5  March 19  Hervé Jacquet  Rankin–Selberg theory according to L. Lafforgue   
Lecture 6  March 26  Yihang Zhu  Braverman–Kazhdan theory for reductive groups, I  [BK], [N] 
Lecture 7  April 2  Yihang Zhu  Braverman–Kazhdan theory for reductive groups, II  [BK], [N] 
Lecture 8  April 9  Chao Li  Bouthier–Ngô–Sakellaridis theory, I  [BNS] 
Lecture 9  April 16  Chao Li  Bouthier–Ngô–Sakellaridis theory, II  [BNS] 
Lecture 10  April 23  Dan Gulotta  Hankel transform via rho-Bessel functions  [N, §6] 
Lecture 11  May 3 (Thursday)
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Shrenik Shah  Explicit construction of basic functions   


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