Student Geometric Analysis Seminar, Spring 2019

Below is a calendar of upcoming talks in the Columbia Student Geometric Analysis Seminar. Titles will typically be posted the weekend before the talk.

Time and location: Monday 16:10-17:40 in Math 520.

Date Speaker Title Ref. / Abstract
28 Jan Keaton Naff Uniform Sobolev Inequality in Ricci Flow Zhang (2006)
4 Feb Jingze Zhu Bounded Scalar and Diameter for Kahler Ricci Flow Sesum and Tian
11 Feb Beomjun Choi Noncollapsed Limit Spaces (Anderson)
18 Feb Freid Tong Noncollapsed Limits Spaces (Cheeger-Colding I)
25 Feb Keaton Naff Collapsed Limit Spaces (Cheeger-Colding II)
4 Mar Keaton Naff & Freid Tong Ricci Limit Spaces III
11 Mar Cancelled N/A
18 Mar No Meeting Spring Break
25 Mar No Meeting
1 Apr Kevin Smith Non-Kahler Calabi Yau Manifolds
8 Apr Keaton Naff Synthetic Theory Ricci Curvature Bounds I
15 Apr Freid Tong Synthetic Theory Ricci Curvature Bounds II
22 Apr No Meeting
29 Apr Aaron Chow Relative volume comparison of Ricci Flow Tian & Zhang