Convergence of Ricci Flows, Fall 2018

This is a student reading seminar on the convergence of Ricci flows with bounded scalar curvature and entropy (co-organized with Jean-Francois Arbour). We will be reading the recent paper of Richard Bamler, Convergence of Ricci Flows with bounded scalar curvature. If interest prevails, we may also be consult the recent papers of Xiuxiong Chen and Bing Wang, Spaces of Ricci flows (I), (II).

The seminar will begin with some introductory talks on Perelman’s first paper (who L-geometry and induction of scale are motivations for Bamler’s techniques).

Time and location: Wednesday 17:00-18:30. Unless otherwise noted, we will meet at NYU Courant Institute Room 905.

Date Speaker Title Ref. Loc.
5 Sep Jean-Francois Arbour L-Geometry Perelman’s First Paper Columbia
12 Sep Keaton Naff Kappa-Compactness and the Canonical Neighborhood Theorem Kleiner and Lott’s Notes NYU
19 Sep No Speaker Bamler's Paper Sections 1-3 Bamler (2016) NYU
26 Sep Keaton Naff and Freid Tong Heat Kernel Estimates in Ricci Flow Bamler-Zhang (2017) NYU
3 Oct Keaton Naff Heat Kernel Estimates and Distance Distortion Bamler-Zhang (2015) NYU
10 Oct No Meeting
17 Oct Alec Payne L2 Curvature Bounds in 4D Ricci Flow Bamler-Zhang (2017) NYU
24 Oct Jean-Francois Arbour Anderson's Orbifold Compactness Anderson (1990) Columbia
31 Oct Keaton Naff Anderson's Orbifold Compactness 2 Anderson (1990) NYU
7 Nov Discussion Cheeger-Colding-Naber Theory Bamler's Notes Columbia
14 Nov No Meeting
21 Nov No Meeting Thanksgiving
28 Nov Discussion Cheeger-Colding-Naber Theory Bamler's Notes Columbia