Giulia Saccà's Homepage

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University. In Fall 2023 I will be on (maternity) leave.

During the year 2019-2020 I was on leave to spend a year in Paris as Maître de Conference associé at Collège de France. During the year 2017-2018 I was assistant professor at MIT. Previously, I was a J. H. Simons Instructor at Stony Brook University and in 2014-2015 I was a member of the School of Mathematics at IAS. I received my PhD from Princeton University in 2013.

Here you can find my cv. I am one of the organizers of the Columbia AG seminar and was one of organizers of the online ZAG seminar.

Research Interests:

Algebraic Geometry, with a focus on hyper-Kähler and Calabi-Yau manifolds, K3 surfaces, moduli spaces of sheaves, families of abelian varieties and their degenerations, symplectic resolutions.


My research is funded by the FRG grant Derived Categories, Moduli Spaces, and Classical Algebraic Geometry DMS-2052750 and by an NSF CAREER grant DMS-2144483. In the past, I was funded by NSF grant DMS-1949812 and 1801818.


Click here to see my publications and preprints.

Current teaching:

This semester (Spring 2023) I am not teaching.

Editorial Work:

I am one of the editors of Annali di Matematica Pura e Applicata.

Graduate students:

I am the advisor of Anna Abasheva and Nicolás Vilches Reyes.

Past teaching at Columbia:

Spring 2022: Introduction to Higher Mathematics (UN2000)

Fall 2021: Topics course (Hyper-Kähler manifolds and moduli spaces)

Spring 2021: Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry

Fall 2020: Linear Algebra (UN2010)

Spring 2019: Calc III (UN1201)

Fall 2018: Linear Algebra (UN2010)

Mailing address:
Mathematics Department
Columbia University
2990 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

E-mail address: gs3032 [at] columbia [dot]edu
firstname [at]math.columbia[dot]edu

Office: 625

Office hours: by appointment.