Dynamical Systems

Math V3030, Spring 1999


Class Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 9:10-10:25 AM, Mathematics Building 417.

Prerequisites: preferably Math V1205 (Calculus IIIS) but at least Math V1201 (Calculus IIIA) or the equivalent. Also Math 2010 (Linear Algebra) and Math 3027 (Ordinary Differential Equations).

Required Texts:

Both books will be available at Labyrinth Books, 536 W 112th Street. You will need to have access to both books on a regular basis. The book by Perko presents the material in a mathematically rigorous way; the book by Strogatz gives a great deal of insight into the material together with many applications. One copy of each will be on reserve in the Mathematics Library.

Recommended Texts: Here are a few other good books that you may want to consult. Most will be on reserve in the Mathematics Library.

Course Objectives and Topics: This second course on differential equations will focus on qualitative techniques for solving non-linear equations. Here are the topics I hope to cover:

Student Population: This is an elective for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Majors, as well as for the Math/Stat and Econ/Math majors. This is also a very useful course for Physics and Chemistry majors.

Test dates: Midterm 1: Thursday, February 25. Midterm 2: Thursday, March 25. Final: Thursday, May 13.

Last day to drop classes: Thursday, March 25. Last day of class: Thursday, April 29

Grading Policy: Each midterm will count 25% of the grade and the final 40%. The remaining 10% will be based on homework and class participation.

Homework: Assignments will be due every Thursday, except on exam weeks. Assignments will be handed out a week in advance. No late homework will be accepted. Several of the assigned problems will be randomly chosen for grading; written solutions to most of the assigned problems will be handed out. You should attempt all the suggested homework problems. I will also answer specific questions by e-mail and during my office hours.

Software: DEGraph is a piece of software for graphing and the solution curves to differential equations, and for solving them numerically. It only runs on Macintoshes . Just click to download it.

Last Updated on January 20, 1999