Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Mathematics W4392 (Spring 2014)

Tuesday and Thursday 4:10-5:25pm
Mathematics 307

This will be a continuation of the fall course Math W4391 covering more advanced material.

This course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  It can be taken independently and in addition to any of the Physics department courses on quantum mechanics.

Lecture Notes

A very detailed set of notes for this course is under development, with the latest version always available here.  During the fall semester the course covered the first 20 chapters of those notes.  Before each class, please try and read the chapter in the syllabus announced for that class and come prepared with questions about whatever you don't understand.  I hope to devote much of the time in each class to going over material students are finding confusing, rather than repeating everything that is in the notes.

Problem Sets

There will be problem sets due roughly every other week, and a required final project.


Tuesday, January 20:  Review of fall semester, overview of topics to be covered
Thursday, January 21:  The harmonic oscillator and the Heisenberg group (chapter 21)

Previous Courses

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Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Spring 2013: Math W4392