Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:02:20 +0100
From: igor.bogdanov
Subject: String theorist

Dear Dr Woit,

Long time after the whole "affaire" (but which "affaire")cooled down, we
would like to express our views ont two things :

I. We have read your papers about string theory. As you have noticed we
are not part of this field and do not share the targets and methods. We
could not agree more with your conclusions that string theory has no
connections with real world.

II. We are trying to open new roads. As you know, our main purpose is to
understand and describe the initial singularity of spacetime. We think
we do not contradict any physics when we claim that initial singularity
does not belong to the realm of physics. As far as we can see, it is a
pure mathematical object. For this reason, we have applied TQFT to bring
a workable solution. Our model is quite simple :

1. Scale > Planck scale (physical world) : lorentzian metric

2. Scale between 0 and Planck scale (quantum gravitity world) :
superposition between lorentzian and euclidean metrics

3. Scale 0 (Topological world) : euclidean metric

In fact, we use quantum groups theory to describe this very speculative
domain which lays beyond physics (see our paper on arXiv "A New Cocycle
Bicrossproduct by Twisting" : it is a pure mathematical result, but we
have extract of it a frame wchich could describe the signature
fluctuation at the Planck scale). That's the reason why we do not
unerstand the very unfair critics concerning our works clearly described
by us as mathematical.

Indeed, what is wrong with this approach? We would be very happy to have
your comments on this topic.

Thank you for you kind attention,

Best regards,

Igor Bogdanoff
Grichka Bogdanoff

Mathematical laboratory UPRES-A 5029
University of Bourgogne