Student Number Theory Seminar

This semester David Hansen and I are running a reading seminar on p-adic geometry. We will follow the course taught by Peter Scholze at UC Berkeley last semseter.

If you would like to be on the email list for this seminar, email me.

Location: Math 507
Time: 10:10am - 11:25am Wednesdays

Notes:  Here is a link to the notes taken by Pak-Hin Lee and edited by David Hansen.

Date Speaker Talk References
February 4th
David Hansen
Huber rings and adic space: definitions and examples
Scholze's Berkeley lecture  nos. 2 &3, Huber's "continuous valuations", section 2 of Scholze's "Perfectoid spaces"
February 11th
David Hansen
More examples of adic spaces
Sections 4.1 and 3.3 of the Berkeley course notes, sections 8.1-8.2 of Kedlaya-Liu's "Relative p-adic Hodge theory: foundations", Huber's "A generalization of formal schemes and rigid analytic varieties", Buzzard-Verberkmoes's "Stably uniform affinoids are sheafy"
February 18th
David Hansen
Rigid analytic spaces and perfectoid spaces

February 25th Rahul Krishna Tilting and Untilting

March 4th
David Hansen
Etale and pro-etale topologies, and the notion of diamonds

March 6th @ 1:30pm in room 622(SPECIAL TALK, SPECIAL TIME, SPECIAL ROOM, ...) David Hansen
More examples of diamonds, and spaces of un-tilts

March 18th

Spring Break

March 25th
David Hansen
Shtukas, p-divisible groups, and p-adic Hodge theory

April 3rd (Note the date change)
David Hansen
More on shtukas with one paw
April 8th

No Seminar this week

April 15th
David Hansen
Towards moduli of shtukas with one paw

April 23rd 10:10am in Room 528 (Note the time change!)
David Hansen
Further towards moduli of shtukas with one paw

April 29th
David Hansen
Moduli of crystalline local systems

May 6th
David Hansen
The de Rham affine Grassmannian

May 13th
David Hansen
All about that diamond

May 18th (Note the date change)
David Hansen

May 27th
David Hansen