Instructional Workshop:

Automorphic Galois Representations, L-functions and Arithmetic

Columbia University
June 17th to 22nd, 2006

The following speakers have confirmed their participation to the workshop:

Don Blasius (Los Angeles),  Joel Bellaiche (New York), Ching-Li Chai (Philadelphia), Mirela Ciperiani (New York), Laurent Clozel (*)(Orsay), James Cogdell (Columbus), Guido Kings (Regensburg), Hervé Jacquet (New York), Michael Harris (*)  (Paris), Haruzo Hida (Los Angeles), Erez Lapid (Jerusalem), Jian-Shu Li (Hong Kong), Fabio Mainardi (Leiden), Omer Offen (Jerusalem), Chris Skinner (Ann Arbor), Eric Urban (New York), Vinayak Vatsal (Vancouver), Shou-Wu Zhang (New York).

(*) Participation by video conference from Paris (Chevaleret) on June 22nd from 9:30 to 1pm.

List of Registered Participants


Some of the Lecture Notes Available Here !

Banquet: We will have special moment during this week, on Wednesday 21st, as a Banquet sponsored by the Math department will be held in  Honor of  Hervé Jacquet at the Faculty House. If you want to attend, please register to Laurent Breach.

Description of the workshop Connections between $L$-functions and Galois representations are at the heart of modern research in algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. They are encoded, for-example,  in the Bloch-Kato conjectures and their $p$-adic analogues, the Iwasawa-Greenberg main conjectures.  Recent years have seen many developments, especially in the application of automorphic methods to these problems. The aim of this instructional workshop is to bring together students and specialists in hopes of inspiring further research and progress in the direction of the above conjectures. The conference will have two parts. The mornings will be devoted to instructional talks on the themes listed below, while the afternoons will consist of talks on recent developments.


Instructional themes:


1) Deligne's conjectures on special values of L-functions.
2) The Bloch-Kato and Iwasawa-Greenberg conjectures.
3) Eisenstein series.
4) Integral  representations of L-functions.
5) Hida theory, Construction of p-adic L-functions, the Eisenstein ideal method.
6) Non-vanishing modulo p of special values.
7) Automorphic Galois representation.

Organizers and funding: Don Blasius, Haruzo Hida, Chris Skinner and Eric Urban. This workshop is partly funded by the NSF as part of the FRG of the organizers and by the Department of Mathematics of Columbia University.

Registration: To attend the workshop you need to register. The deadline for registration, travel lodging or support is February 14, 2005. After this date, it will be more difficult to get you the support or the lodging you would need for attending the workshop.

Support: We have some funding to support the participation of PhD students (travel and/or lodging). To be able to accomod a maximum of students, we hope that their advisor could help in supporting their airfare. If you want to apply for some support, you must send a CV and a letter of recommendation from your advisor to Eric Urban. Please precise if you need support for travel and lodging or for lodging only.

Travel and Lodging: The following informations might be useful in order to plan your travel. The actual start of the conference is Saturday 17th and the last talk will be early in the afternoon of the 22nd in case participants want to catch an early flight. The funded students will be automatically put up at  Teachers College Housing or at the Milburn Hotel. Any other participants who need accomodation can also be housed at the same place. If you want to do so, please contact the local organizer.