Fall 2018 MATH GR6261 Commutative Algebra


Name: Eric Urban

Email: urban @ math.columbia.edu

Office: 608 Mathematics

Tel: (212) 854-6362 

Fax: (212) 854-8962

Office hours

By appointment. 

Meeting time and location

Day/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:40pm- 12:55pm.

Location: 507 Mathematics Building. 

Content of the course

- General results on rings and modules
- Noetherian and Artinian rings
- Flatness
- Primary decomposition
- Graded Rings
- Dimension and depth
- Dedekind domains
- Normal and regular rings


- Introduction to Commutative Algebra by M.F. Atiyah and I.G. MacDonald

- Commutative Algebra by H Matsumura

- Algèbres locales et multiplicités by J.P. Serre

Teaching Assistants

TBA tba@math.columbia.edu

Grading policy

Homework: 60% 

Exam: 40 %

Homework will be assigned in class every week and will be due a week later. Late homework will not be accepted. You are encouraged to discuss the homework with other fellow students. However, you must write up the final solutions by yourself.

The Final Exam will be given on December 20th 2018 from 1pm to 4pm.

Academic honesty : Copying your written work from somebody else or from any other source is considered cheating and will be dealt with severely. Permitting someone else to copy your work is also considered cheating. Any cheating during Exam or Homework will result in you failing the course.