Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Fall 2017

The seminar will meet on Fridays in Room 507, Mathematics Building,  from 10:30 am to noon according to the schedule below. 

  January 26th Adrian Iovita (Concordia)
An overconvergent crystalline Eichler-Shimura isomorphism
  February 16th
Kazim Buyukboduk (Dublin)
Non-ordinary symmetric squares and Euler systems of rank 2
  February 23rd
Daniel Gulotta (Columbia)
Vanishing of cohomology for some Shimura varieties at level \Gamma_1(p^{\infty})
  March 9th
Lucia Mocz (Princeton)
A New Northcott Property for Faltings Height
  April 13th
Aaron Pollack (IAS)

Old seminars

Organizer: Eric Urban