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The seminars of the Columbia Undergraduate Mathematics Society are currently held virtually via Zoom on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM EDT unless otherwise noted. The talks have the purpose of exposing members to different topics or areas of research in mathematics that they might not otherwise encounter in class. The lectures should be accessible to all students studying mathematics or pursuing math-related majors. Everyone is welcome!

Date Speaker Title Abstract
September 23
Kyle Hayden
The Rectangular Peg Problem
Over a century ago, Toeplitz posed a simple question: does every continuous loop in the plane (with no self-intersections) contain four points that form the vertices of a square? While this question remains unsolved, a variant known as the Smooth Rectangular Peg Problem was answered just a few months ago by Josh Greene and Andrew Lobb. I'll discuss this problem and its surprising solution, which will take us on a tour of combinatorics, curves, surfaces, and symplectic geometry.
September 30
Mark Rychnovsky
October 7
Leo Lo
October 14
Michael Miller
October 21
October 28
November 4
Zoe Himwich
November 11
Daniela De Silva
November 18
Nguyen Dung
November 25
No meeting
December 2
Chao Li
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