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The seminar of the Columbia Undergraduate Mathematics Society has the purpose of exposing members to different topics or areas of research in mathematics that they might not otherwise encounter in class. The lectures should be accessible to all students studying mathematics or pursuing math-related majors. Everyone is welcome!

Date Speaker Title Abstract
September 21
Aiden Sagerman
Zachary Lihn
Andrew Navruzyan
Tony Xiao and Remy Kaldawy
Hyperplanes in Abelian Groups and Twisted Signatures
Explicit Equations of Fake Projective Planes
The First Law Of Black Hole Thermodynamics
Asymptotic Stabilities in Algebra and Geometry
Undergraduate students will give talks about their summer research or directed reading.
September 28
Dorian Goldfeld
Euler’s proof that the sum of all positive rational integers is -1/12
Euler discovered the zeta function. In a remarkable paper written in 1749, Euler calculates several values of the zeta function in regions where the series definition of the zeta function does not converge. We discuss Euler's proofs and relations to a solar eclipse on July 25, 1748 which Euler also wrote about.
October 5
Helene Esnault
October 12
Peter Woit
Quantization and
Representation Theory
October 19
Mikhail Khovanov
October 26
November 2
Ovidiu Savin
November 9
Sayan Das
November 16
November 23
Academic Holiday
November 30
Sam Collingbourne
December 7
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