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Wednesdays, 7:30pm; Room 507, Mathematics
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Date Speaker Title Abstract
Sept 17 Karsten Gimre Discrete groups and limits of metric spaces Discrete groups are of fundamental importance in many fields, including differential geometry, topology and number theory. We will survey some of the mathematics behind a important theorem due to Mikhael Gromov which studies the subclass of discrete groups given by those of polynomial growth. A key novel idea introduced by Gromov's proof is to view groups as geometric objects, reducing the study of groups of polynomial growth to a problem about metric spaces.
Sept 24 Jo Nelson TBA TBA
Oct 1 Rob Castellano TBA TBA
Oct 8 Pak-Hin Lee TBA TBA
Oct 15 Zhengyu Zong TBA TBA
Oct 22 Anand Deopurkar TBA TBA
Oct 29 Mike Wong TBA TBA
Nov 5 Connor Mooney TBA TBA
Nov 12 Sebastien Picard TBA TBA
Nov 19 Natasha Potashnik TBA TBA
Nov 26 Thanksgiving break
Dec 3 Xiangwen Zhang TBA TBA