Afternoon program -- Second week

2005 AMS Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry

Afternoon program -- Second week

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Titles of afternoon talks may be found below.

Schedule of afternoon talks:

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  Location: Sieg 134 Miller 301 Elec. Eng. 105 Mech. Eng. 103
August 1
2-2:50 J. Włodarczyk L. Ein R. Vakil Y. Amitani
3:10-4 P. Eyssidieux M. Mustata A. Knutson T. Szemberg
4:40-5:30 A. Corti K. Smith A. Okounkov A.-M. Castravet
August 2
2-2:50 G. Mikhalkin C. Hacon V. Alexeev B. Purnaprajna
3:10-4 K. Karu B. Totaro J.-P. Demailly A. Yong
4:40-5:30 H. Derksen K. O'Grady Y. Kawamata A. Libgober
August 3
August 4
2-2:50 M. Popa S. Kovács R. MacPherson H. Abo
3:10-4 S. Mukai S. Grushevsky S. Billey F. Vaccarino
4:40-5:30 S. Ishii M. Manetti M. Reid K. Hulek
August 5
2-2:50 T. Holm S. Kaliman Y.-T. Siu P. Vermeire
3:10-4 L. Borisov F. Bogomolov D. Eisenbud J. Zhang
4:40-5:30 A. Buch A. Langer M. Kapranov S. Di Rocco

Special evening talk (CANCELLED): At 7:30 pm on Tuesday, August 2, Miles Reid will deliver a special lecture entitled K3s and Fano 3-folds, Tom and Jerry. This lecture will be held in Elec. Eng. 105.

Titles of afternoon talks:

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Abo: Construction of rational surfaces in projective fourspace

Alexeev: Log canonical pairs and compactified moduli spaces

Amitani: Projective manifolds with hyperplane sections being five-sheeted covers of P^n

Billey: Schubert varieties under a microscope

Bogomolov: Birational geometry -- small fields, finite groups

Borisov: Should we teach toric varieties to our students?

Buch: Quantum cohomology of homogeneous spaces

Castravet: Hilbert's 14th problem and Cox rings

Catanese: Quasi-étale deformations and other equivalence relations for algebraic surfaces and the action of the absolute Galois group on moduli spaces [cancelled]

Corti: Explicit 3-folds

Demailly: Recent results on hyperbolic algebraic varieties

Derksen: Quivers and combinatorics

Di Rocco: Toric varieties with dual defect and defect polytopes

Ein: Multiplier ideals

Eisenbud: Varieties, sets, and schemes -- "of minimal degree"

Eyssidieux: Infinite coverings of complex projective manifolds

Grushevsky: Geometry of A_g and its compactifications

Hacon: Extension theorems and their applications to birational geometry

Holm: Act globally, compute locally: group actions, fixed points, and localization

Hulek: Volumes of lattices, the Borcherds modular form and K3 surfaces

Ishii: Irreducible components of contact loci in arc spaces

Kaliman: Actions of C^* and C_+ on affine algebraic varieties

Kapranov: Infinite-dimensional spaces in algebraic geometry

Karu: Intersection cohomology and cd-index of fans

Kawamata: Derived categories and birational geometry

Knutson: Degenerations to (unions of) toric varieties, old and new

Kovács: Subvarieties of moduli stacks

Langer: Sheaves and principal G-bundles in positive characteristic

Libgober: Topology of the complements to divisors with isolated non normal crossings

MacPherson: Schubert varieties in the loop Grassmannian

Manetti: Lie cylinders and higher obstructions to deforming submanifolds

Mikhalkin: Enumerative geometry and reality

Mukai: Hilbert's original fourteenth problem and certain moduli spaces

Mustata: Spaces of arcs and singularities in birational geometry

O'Grady: Irreducible symplectic 4-folds which look like Hilb^2(K3)

Okounkov: Symmetric functions in Gromov-Witten theory

Popa: M-regularity and the Fourier-Mukai transform

Purnaprajna: Geometry of varieties of general type

Reid #1 (Tuesday): K3s and Fano 3-folds, Tom and Jerry
Reid #2 (Thursday): Diptych varieties and Mori flips

Siu: Multiplier ideal sheaves and pluricanonical linear series

Smith: Survey of tight closure and positivity in algebraic geometry

Szemberg: Conjectures of Nagata and Hirschowitz and the Zariski decomposition

Totaro: Equivariant Chow groups: applications to quadratic forms and algebraic groups

Vaccarino: Symmetric products and invariants of matrices

Vakil: Geometric positivity in the Schubert calculus

Vermeire: The moduli of rank 2 reflexive sheaves on smooth 3-folds

Włodarczyk: Factorization of birational maps

Yong: On smoothness and Gorensteinness of Schubert varieties

Zhang: On the D-dimension of certain types of threefolds

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