Shizhang Li

“I follow up the quest, despite of day and night, and death and hell.”—Tennyson

Papers and Preprints

’Rome wasn’t built in one day, bro…’

Note that the preprint version is the latest version, which could be different from the arXiv version, I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

1. On rigid varieties with projective reduction, arXiv, preprint (Nov. 7th, 2018).

2. Langton’s theorem for multi-filtered vector space, arXiv.

3. Line bundles on rigid varieties and Hodge symmetry (with David Hansen), arXiv, preprint (Aug. 23rd, 2018).

4. Logarithmic de Rham comparison for open rigid spaces (with Xuanyu Pan), arXiv, preprint (Dec. 13th, 2018).

5. An example of liftings with different Hodge numbers, arXiv, preprint (Dec. 15th, 2018).