Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2022


The Columbia Algebraic Geometry Seminar takes place on Fridays at 3:30 pm in 417 Mathematics Hall on the Columbia campus. Some talks may be streamed on Zoom (password is the number of lines on a cubic surface).

The seminar is organized by Giulia Saccà, Will Sawin, and Akash Sengupta.


Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).


September 9 Simon Felten Columbia University Smoothing normal crossings spaces
September 16 Lisa Marquand Stony Brook University Symplectic Birational Involutions of manifolds of OG10 type.
September 23 Tudor Padurariu Columbia University Categorical Donaldson-Thomas theory of C3
September 30 David Yang MIT Low-degree curves on very general hypersurfaces
October 7 Benjamin Bakker UIC The Matsushita Alternative
October 14 Svetlana Makarova Penn Quiver moduli and effective global generation
October 21 Kimoi Kemboi Cornell Full strong exceptional collections on rank-two linear GIT quotients
October 28 Elden Elmanto Harvard University What happens when you let a topologist play with cycles
November 4 Oishee Banerjee University of Bonn Stable cohomology of spaces via symmetric (semi)simplicial filtration
November 11 Siqing Zhang Stony Brook University Cohomological Non-Abelian Hodge Theorems in characteristic p
November 18 No seminar AGNES
November 25 No seminar Thanksgiving
December 2 Bhargav Bhatt IAS The Kodaira vanishing theorem revisited
December 9 Tasuki Kinjo University of Tokyo Cohomological Donaldson-Thomas theory for 2-Calabi--Yau categories


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