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Welcome to Andrei Okounkov's web page

Here you can find the schedule of the Informal Mathematical Physics Seminar

With Mina Aganagic, Denis Auroux, Jim Bryan, and Balázs Szendrői, we are organizing a

program at MSRI in the Spring of 2018 on Enumerative Geometry Beyond Numbers

Note the deadlines for applications: professors --- October 1, 2016, others -- December 1, 2016

Enumerative geometry beyond numbers      Enumerative geometry beyond numbers

Materials from some of my talks:

Enumerative geometry and representation theory, Algebraic Geometry 2015, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

(Same title, aimed at a broader audience at HCM Bonn: slides, video)

Boxcounting, Lezione Leonardesca, June 2015

Quantum Groups and Quantum K-theory, UCLA, February 2015

The index of M-theory, this version from the AMS-IMU joint meeting, June 2014

Quantum Groups and Quantum cohomology, Princeton lectures, Spring 2014, courtesy of princetonmathematics and Changjian Su

On some interesting Lie algebras, Conference in honor of Victor Kac, IMPA, June 2013, discusses the connection between the Lie algebra associated to a quiver in [MO] and Kac polynomials

Deep waters of quantum cohomology, Simons Center, January 2013

K-theoretic stable envelopes and their applications, Simons Center, November 2012

Simons Lectures at MIT,  "Applied noncommutative geometry", Lecture 1, Lecture 2, Lecture 3, May 2010.

Limit shapes: real and imagined, AMS Colloquium lectures, 2007

of other interest:

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