Sam Mundy

4th year graduate student at Columbia University. My advisor is Eric Urban.

Fall 2018 Semester:

Calculus I

Seminar on the Proof of Local Langlands

Past Seminars:

Local Langlands Seminar (Spring 2018)

Undergraduate Seminar (Spring 2018)

Hida Theory Seminar (Fall 2017)

Shimura varieties Reading Group (Summer 2017)

Algebraic Number Theory Seminar (Spring 2016)

Some papers

Here is my undergraduate thesis (45 pages). The last section contains a new adelic proof of the Riemann-Roch Theorem for number fields.

Here is a link to my paper on this proof on the arXiv (8 pages).

Local Compactness and Number Theory: These are the notes for a seminar course (Math 639 Section 001) which I taught at UNM in the spring of 2015.

Here is a diagrammatic "statement" of the Eichler-Shimura Theorem for weight 2 modular forms. I have this printed on a coffee mug.

Tiny version:

I walked from NYC to Boston during the summer of 2018.