Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium

Columbia University Mathematics Colloquium

Spring 2005

Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium meets in Math 520 every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons at 4:15, and is preceded by tea at 3:45. Colloquia are of general mathematical interest and aimed at both faculty and graduate students. Please click on the title for the abstract of the talk.

Jan. 31  (Monday, 4pm in 507 Math)

Mikhail Khovanov-U. C. Davis

Link homology

Feb. 2

Kefeng Liu-U.C.L.A.

Localization and String Duality

Feb. 16

Ching-Li Chai- U. Penn.

Leaves on moduli spaces and Hecke symmetries

Mar. 2

Ravi Ramakrishna-Cornell

Galois Representations and Serre's Conjecture

Mar. 23

Dinakar Ramakrishnan-Caltech

Modular forms and Calabi-Yau

Mar. 30

(Joint Colloquium with Applied Mathematics)

Peter Constantin-U. of Chicago

Smoluchowski Equations

Mar. 31 (Thursday,

4:30pm in  507 Math)


Luis Caffarelli-U. of Texas Austin

Random homogenization for non divergence equations

Apr.19 (Tuesday, 2:45pm in 214 Mudd)

(Joint Colloquium with Applied Mathematics)

Peter Lax-Courant Institute

Dispersive Systems

Apr. 20

Rahul Pandharipande-Princeton

Relative Gromov-Witten theory


(Friday, 4:30pm in 312 Math

(Combined with the Kolchin Lecture)


Curt McMullen-Harvard


Fall 2004 schedule

Organizer: Eric Urban and Mu-Tao Wang