Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium

Columbia University Mathematics Colloquium

Spring 2006

Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium meets in Math 520 every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00, and is preceded by tea at 4:30. Colloquia are of general mathematical interest and aimed at both faculty and graduate students. Please click on the title for the abstract.

Feb. 1

Laszlo Erdos  (University of Munich, visiting Harvard)

Mathematical analysis of quantum dynamics with many degrees of freedom

Feb. 2 (Thursday, 5:30pm)


Ian Agol (University of Illinois at Chicago)


Arithmetic reflection groups

Feb. 15

Ambrus Pal (IHES)

K_2 of elliptic surfaces and the rigid analytic regulator

Mar. 1

David Gabai (Princeton)

Volumes of Hyperbolic 3-manifolds

Mar. 8

Kazuhiro Fujiwara (Nagoya University)


Vanishing theorems for Shimura varieties


Mar. 22

Ralph Greenberg (University of Washington)


Ranks of elliptic curves

Mar. 29

Ivan Smith (University of Cambridge)


Morse meets Stein

Apr. 5

Frederic Bourgeois (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Contact structures : examples and constructions

Apr. 19

Haruzo Hida (U. C. L. A.)


Serre's conjecture and base change for GL(2)

May 10

Eric D’Hoker (U. C. L. A.)


Some geometrical problems in AdS/CFT


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Organizer: Eric Urban and Mu-Tao Wang