Columbia University Mathematics Colloquium

Fall 2006

Columbia Mathematics Department Colloquium meets in Math 520 every three weeks on Wednesday afternoons at 5:00, and is preceded by tea at 4:30. Colloquia are of general mathematical interest and aimed at both faculty and graduate students. Please click on the title for the abstract.

Sept. 27

Bong Lian (Brandeis)

Chiral Equivariant Cohomology

Oct. 18

Paul Biran (Tel Aviv)

Symplectic Points of View on Some Questions in Classical Algebraic Geometry

Nov. 15

Jacob Lurie (Harvard)

Elliptic Cohomology

Nov. 29

Michael Douglas (Rutgers)

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Dirichlet Brane in (inspiring) Mathematics

Dec. 6

Brian Conrad (U. of Michigan & Columbia)

Asymptotics for prime specialization over finite fields

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Organizer: Eric Urban and Mu-Tao Wang