About Us

The MAFIN Alumni Association was officially started in the summer of 2003. Many MAFIN alumni had discussed their interest in having a MAFIN Alumni Association and in the summer of 2003 we started having our first meetings. We met at happy hour to discuss the purpose of the Alumni Association. It was agreed that we needed a website and an email connection to all alumni as a means for communication and networking. The first draft of our statement of purpose was made in September 2003. The four of us have been meeting over the past few months and together have implemented some of the ideas that many alumni have shared with us. We would like thank everyone for all their great suggestions and encourage the alumni to keep the ideas coming.

Christine Pedersen, MAFIN '01

Christine works in Market Risk Management for Deutsche Bank in the Model Risk group focusing on stress testing of model intensive trading portfolios. In her spare time she programmed the website and set up the forums. She is the system administrator for the website and forums.

Don Devendorf, MAFIN '01

Don works on the Equity Cash Desk for Lehman Brothers where he works on quantitative, automated trading strategies in the NASDAQ market. In his spare time he set up and maintains our alumni mailing list.

Hanse Chung, MAFIN '01

Hanse works as a consultant for Risk Capital Management and is responsible for methodological content delivered to financial institution clients. He coordinated the group and in his spare time designed the initial draft of the website layout and keeps all the minutes organized.

Sue Scheckermann, MAFIN '01

Sue works in Market Risk Management for Societe Generale where she runs VaR analysis, stress testing and model reviews across all NY businesses. In her spare time she provides innovative ideas and moral support to everyone else doing the work.

Welcome from the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association and this website is being set up out of our desire to continue our association with Columbia and with the larger Math Finance community throughout our careers in Finance.

Statement of Purpose

Alumni E-Mailing List

If you are an alumnus, we ask that you sign up for the MAFIN Alumni E-mailing list so we can reach you with news of alumni events.


We also encourage both students and alumni to register for the MAFIN Forums. The forums are intended as a place for communication among alumni and current MAFIN students.