Textbook, prerequisites, and grading info

Textbook Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, by Thomas W. Judson. Freely available online, printed copies are cheap and can be bought at the university bookstore, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. I advise buying a printed copy. To study, you can use any one of the recent editions, but when homework problems are assigned from Judson, please use the latest, 2016, edition.

Key info: This is the first half of a year-long course on Abstract Algebra. The first semester is devoted to group theory. Preliminary material includes set theory and modular arithmetic. Math 1202 (Multivariable Calculus) and Math 2010 (Linear Algebra) are prerequisites for this course. In addition, we assume familiarity with complex numbers, the method of mathematical induction, and how to write proofs.

Homework: Homework will be assigned on Wednesdays, due Wednesday the next week before class. The first problem set is due January 25. Two lowest homework scores will be dropped.
Quizzes: Throughout the semester we'll have several 15-minute quizzes, with yes/no and multiple choice questions. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. Graded homework and quizzes will be available for pickup from the tray on the 6th floor (up the stairs, turn right and through the door, the table with homework trays is immediately to your left).
Numerical grade: The numerical grade for the course will be the following linear combination:
20% homework, 5% quizzes, 20% each midterm, 35% final.