New York General Relativity Seminar, Spring 2017



Sergiu Klainerman, Mu-Tao Wang (Columbia), Dan Lee, Christina Sormani (CUNY), Michael Anderson, Marcus Khuri (Stony Brook)

Date/ Place Title and Speaker

Lecture 1

April 14, 2017

2:00 - 3:00 pm

Room 507, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University



Speaker: Jérémie Szeftel (Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions de l'Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Title: Remarks on the nonlinear stability of Schwarzschild

Abstract: I will present a work in progress in collaboration with Sergiu Klainerman on the nonlinear stability of Schwarzschild for the Einstein vacuum equations under certain symmetry assumptions.


Lecture 2

April 14, 2017


Room 507, Department of Mathematics, Columbia University



Speakers: Pei-Ken Hung and Jordan Keller (Department of Mathematics, Columbia Universty)

Title: Linear stability of Schwarzschild spacetime

Abstract: We will discuss recent work, in collaboration with Mu-Tao Wang, on the linear stability of the Schwarzschild spacetime. Our method employs Hodge decomposition to split linearized solutions into closed and co-closed portions, respectively identified with even-parity and odd-parity solutions in the physics literature. For each portion, we derive Regge-Wheeler type equations for decoupled, gauge-invariant quantities at the linearized connection level. With the choice of an appropriate gauge, decay estimates on these decoupled quantities are used to establish decay of the linearized metric coefficients of the solution.