Karol Koziol

Karol Koziol
Graduate Student

Columbia University
Department of Mathematics
Rm. 408, MC 4406
2990 Broadway
New York , NY 10027

Email: karol[at]math[dot]columbia[dot]edu
Phone: (212)854-5886

My name is Karol Koziol and I am a graduate student in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University.
I am interested in the representation theory of p-adic reductive groups, and the related parts of algebraic number theory. My advisor is Rachel Ollivier.


Hecke Modules and Supersingular Representations of U(2,1) - with P. Xu (submitted)
A Classification of the Irreducible mod-p Representations of U(1,1)(Qp2/Qp) (submitted)
Restriction of pro-p-Iwahori-Hecke modules

p-modular Representations of p-adic Groups - Notes for a minicourse given by Florian Herzig at IMS Singapore, April 2013

Spring 2012: Deligne-Lusztig Seminar
Spring 2013: Perfectoid Spaces Seminar
Fall 2013: Theta Correspondence Seminar
Spring 2014: Pizza Seminar
Spring 2014: Galois Deformations Seminar

Summer 2011: Calc III
Summer 2012: Calc IV
Summer 2014: Calc IV

Summer 2010: TA for Calc II
Summer 2010: TA for Linear Algebra
Fall 2010: TA for Algebraic Number Theory
Spring 2011: TA for Complex Variables
Fall 2011: TA for Number Theory and Cryptography
Spring 2012: TA for Calc III
Fall 2012: TA for Intro to Higher Math - Solutions to Worksheets
Spring 2013: TA for Algebraic Number Theory (Graduate)
Fall 2013: TA for Algebraic Number Theory
Fall 2013: TA for Honors Complex Variables - Solutions to Homework
Spring 2014: TA for Representations of Finite Groups