The Journal of Number Theory will host a number theory conference every two years to
publicize recent advances in  the field.  The JNT is sponsoring the David Goss Prize of
10K USD to be awarded every two years
at the JNT Biennial to a young researcher  in
number theory.  Proceedings of the JNT Biennial conferences will appear in a
special volume of the JNT.

Alexander Smith wins the David Goss Prize
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DATE: Monday, July 22  -  Friday, July 26, 2019
LOCATION: Grand Hotel San Michel, Cetraro, Italy

Dorian Goldfeld (Columbia),  Philippe Michel (Lausanne), Dipendra Prasad (Tata Institute, India),
 Emmanuel Ullmo (IHES),  Umberto Zannier (Scuola Normale, Italy), Shou-Wu Zhang (Princeton)

INVITED SPEAKERS (Program Schedule)
Yves André
(CNRS, Paris)
 Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University)
Raphael Beuzart-Plessis (Marseille)  
Anna Cadoret
(CNRS and Jussieu, Paris)
Henri Darmon
(McGill University) 
Ziyang Gao
(CNRS and Jussieu, Paris)
 Wen-Wei Li
(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Aaron Levin
(Michigan State University)
Yifeng Liu
 Ritabrata Munshi
(Tata Institute, India)
Ilya Khayutin (Princeton)
Maksym Radziwill
(McGill University)
  Kannan Soundararajan (Stanford)
Ye Tian
(AMSS, Morningside Center of Math., China)
Jacob Tsimerman
(University of Toronto) 
Andrei Yafaev
(University College, London)
Christopher Skinner (Princeton)
Alexander Smith
Maryna Viazovska
(École Polytechnique Lausanne)
Wei Zhang
List of Registered Participants