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Sandro Fusco, PhD


Email: fusco@math.columbia.edu



M.A. (Mathematical Finance), Columbia, 1998

Ph.D. (Mathematics), York University, 1997



Mathematical Finance

Risk Management

Math Education

Public Speaking







Sandro holds the position of VP, Global Head of Investment Management Risk at Thomson Reuters. He is responsible for all Thomson Reuters portfolio and risk analytics offerings targeting the buy-side. In his previous positions, he was the product manager of a web -based real-time risk and P&L system for Hedge Fund managers and a portfolio management system for institutional portfolio managers. Prior to that, he was a senior financial engineer at Sailfish Systems, a vendor of firm wide risk management and performance software.


He holds a PhD in Mathematics from York University in Toronto, and a MA degree in Mathematical Finance from Columbia University in New York.


His interests outside the office are early music, tribal African art, mid 20th century furniture, math education, and public speaking.



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