Dislocated graphene on 5th Avenue, NYC
Alexis Drouot
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Mathematics, Columbia University
Office: 716, Mathematics Building

email: ad3503 at columbia dot edu     (teaching)
              alexis dot drouot at gmail dot com     (other matters)

Research interests: Partial differential equations, mathematical physics, dynamical systems.
Supported by DMS 1800086 and by M. I. Weinstein Math+X award.



Linear algebra

    Mathematical aspects of topological insulators
    Edge states in graphene and related materials
        Homogenization of Schrodinger operators       Semiclassical analysis and Quantum chaos        General relativitytrain  
   Optimal bounds for the k-plane tranform

Selected talks

Introduction to modern analysis (Fall 2018)
Analysis and Optimization (Spring 2018)