Calculus I - Fall 2010
Instructor: Daniel Disegni ; email: disegni at; office hours MW after class (5.25-6.25).  I will try to answer every email within 24 hours.

Class calendar at the bottom of the page.
Midterm dates: Wed., October 6; Wed., Nov. 10.
Final exam: Mon., December 20, 4.10-7pm in our classroom 417.

Grades for the final are posted on Webassign. The average was 13.3. If you want to see your exam please contact me after the break. 
Final letter grades are based on a weighted average of partial grades as stated in the syllabus, with adjustments to recognize progress over the semester.

Final exam and solutions.
Correction: the area inside the loop is 8/15, not 4/15 (a factor of 2 in front of the integral got lost).
Practice final and solutions
Midterm 2 and solutions.
Practice midterm 2 and solutions
Midterm 1, solutions (as handed in after the exam) and addendum (on the "sketch the graph" problem). Practice midterm 1 and solutions.

Resources and notes
Study guide.
A virtually infinite supply of  practice tests, with solutions (not guranteed to be representative of what the final will look like.)
An extra credit assignment on areas and volumes, and practice problems on everyhting, on Webassign.
The book: see the practice final for a few recommended problems on the harder side.
Basic checklist (updated with something on integrals).
Notes on classical mechanics.
Volume of a torus, with much better pictures than mine.
Notes on some things discussed in class but not / not easily found in the book.
Graph sketching guidelines (these do not include the use of derivatives - please refer to the book section 4.5 for that)
Review sheets: these were prepared by a friend of mine for his class; they are very good (but of course not comprehensive). Standard functions; limits and continuity; derivatives.


Assignment 10 due Tues. Dec. 7 at 1pm: something on Webassign and something on paper (two problems which are very good practice for the final).
    Solutions to Assignment 10. These are quite detailed and offer different ways to solve each of the two problems. Part 1 and Part 2.
Assignment 9 due Tuesday Nov. 30 at 1pm: something on Webassign and something on paper.
Assignment 8 due Tuesday Nov. 23 at 1pm: something on Webassign and something on paper.  A picture of a fractal (relevant to homework problem 2).
Assignment 7 due Wednesday Nov. 3 at 4pm: something on Webassign and something on paper.
Assignment 6 due Wednesday Oct. 27 at 4pm: something on Webassign and something on paper.
Assignment 5 due Tuesday at 1 pm: something on Webassign and something on paper.
Assignment 4 is on Webassign only, due Tuesday, Oct. 12.
Assignment 3 due Tuesday at 1 pm: something on Webassign and something on paper. 
Assignment 2 due Tues. Sep. 21 by 1pm. Part is on Webassign and part is on paper:
Assignment 0 due Monday  Sep. 13 in class (if you do not come to class, please put your assignment in the mailbox in front of Math 410 by monday at 4); there is something to do also on WebAssign, due Wednesday Sep. 15 to give you time to get access. Here is Galileo's quote discussed in class.
Comments and partial solutions to Assignment 0. Correction (Tues. 9/14): there is a silly mistake in the solution to problem 3.: namely I wrote it too hastily and the roles of p and q get flipped when I clear denominators, after the words "and then" - sorry.


WebAssign (updated Sep. 12)

WebAssign is an online homework system (with optional ebook) associated to our textbook, that we will be using.
Access to it is included in your package if you buy the book at the Columbia bookstore, or it can be bought separately if you decide to get the book used (or steal it, or not to get it at all). Either way everyone should be able to access WebAssign by the end of the first week of classes. To enroll please go here and enter the class key "columbia 9393 7805".
All the relevant information on how / where / how much can be found here.
New: WebAssign FAQ.

Please click on a day to see reading related to that day. The calendar is approximately accurate up to one class class into the future. Remote future class schedule is (1) tentative (2) a bit optimistic. But it might help to give you a sense of where we are going.