Comments on the Stacks project

We’ve recently been having a few frequent commenters on the Stacks project which is great; take a look at the most recent comments. They’ve pointed out not only trivial typos and other idiocies, but also actual errors which we’ve repaired with their help. (One of the goals of the Stacks project is to fix errors as soon as possible in every case.) Huge thanks to all!

Anyway, I encourage you to waste a few hours doing the same. Here are some tips:

  • If you refer to a different tag say ABCD in a comment use \ref{ABCD}.
  • If you have a comment about a particular lemma then please leave the comment on the page corresponding to the lemma not the enclosing section.
  • Please make suggestions as explicit as possible. For example, if you think a proof is missing an argument, try to say exactly what part is missing (even just write the argument in the comment if you can) and where to put it.
  • Precise outside references for material are VERY WELCOME, including references to your own work. We now have a working system for dealing with this which is very easy and quick for me to use, so bring it on.
  • Funny comments are welcome too!