All talks will be one hour long. We ask the speakers to prevent going overtime.

If you are a speaker and the time of your talk does not work for you then
let me know and I will try to switch you with somebody.

For abstracts see here.

Monday in Math 312
Speaker Title Time
R. Pandharipande The moduli space of stable quotients 10:00 AM
I. Coskun The birational geometry of moduli spaces 11:30 AM
D. Harbater Quadratic forms and a local-global principle (joint with Julia Hartmann and Daniel Krashen) 2:30 PM
B. Hassett Rational curves on K3 surfaces (joint with F. Bogomolov and Y. Tschinkel) 4:00 PM

Tuesday in Math 312
Speaker Title Time
B. Poonen Undecidability of polynomial equations over C(t_1,t_2) 10:00 AM
A. Knecht Del Pezzo Surfaces Over Finite Fields 11:30 AM
I. Cheltsov Exceptional del Pezzo surfaces 2:30 PM
J. Ellenberg Analytic number theory and spaces of rational curves 4:00 PM
J. Starr Deformations of curves and surfaces in a variety (educational talk) 7:00 PM

Wednesday in Math 312
Speaker Title Time
J.-L. Colliot-Thélène Local-global principles for homogeneous spaces of linear
algebraic groups over function fields of p-adic curves
(joint work with Parimala and Suresh)
10:00 AM
R. Beheshti-Zavareh The geometry of spaces of rational curves on hypersurfaces 11:30 AM
Wittenberg Existence of zero-cycles on fibrations over number fields 2:30 PM
C. Araujo Cohomological characterizations of projective spaces and
4:00 PM
J. de Jong Twisting surfaces and what you can do with them
(educational talk)
7:00 PM

Thursday in Math 312
Speaker Title Time
H. Esnault Hodge level 1 over a p-adic field implies congruence for the number
of rational points of the reduction (joint -in progress-with Pierre Berthelot
and Kay R"ulling)
10:00 AM
A. Castravet Rational curves of minimal degree on higher Fano manifolds (joint work with Carolina Araujo) 11:30 AM
D. Testa Big rational surfaces 2:30 PM
M. DeLand Nonsingular cubic hypersurfaces in P^9 are strongly rationally simply connected 4:00 PM
Johan + Jason Question and Answer Session (educational component; NOT a problem session) 7:00 PM

Friday in Math 312
Speaker Title Time
J. Kollár Diophantine subsets of function fields of curves 10:00 AM
A. Asok Rational connectivity and A^1-homotopy theory 11:15 AM
M. Lieblich A counter counterexample example 1:00 PM
Chenyang Xu Strong Rational Connectedess and Its Applications 2:15 PM