Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Spring 2019

The seminar will meet on Fridays in Room 507, Mathematics Building,  from 10:30 am to noon according to the schedule below. 

  February 1 Dimitri Wyss (Sorbonne University Paris 6) p-adic integration and geometric stabilization
  February 8 Hang Xue (Arizona)
Epsilon dichotomy for linear models
  February 15 Xinyi Yuan (Berkeley)
Weak Lefschetz theorems for Brauer groups
  February 22 Baiying Liu (Purdue)
On automorphic descent from GL(7) to G2
  March 1 Rong Zhou (IAS)
Motivic cohomology of quaternionic Shimura varieties and level raising
  March 8 Rahul Krishna (Northwestern)
The semi-Schrödinger model of an exceptional representation of $\widetilde{GL}_{2q}$
  March 29 Luis Garcia (Toronto)
Transgression of the Euler class and Eisenstein cohomology
  April 5 Guangyu Zhu (Yale)
The Galois group of the category of mixed Hodge-Tate structures
  April 19 Wanlin Li (Wisconsin-Madison)
Vanishing of Hyperelliptic L-functions at the Central Point
  April 26 Weizhe Zheng (MCM/Princeton)
Compatible systems along the boundary
  May 3 Charlotte Chan (Princeton)
Flag varieties and representations of p-adic groups
  May 10 Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis (Aix-Marseille University)
Spectral decomposition of certain symmetric spaces and the Ichino-Ikeda conjecture

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