Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Fall 2020

The seminar will meet on Fridays 10:30 am to noon via Zoom according to the schedule below. 
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Zoom Passcode: the order of the group PGL(2, F_5) or S_5

  Sep 18 Michele Fornea (Columbia) Points on elliptic curves via p-adic integration
  Sep 25 Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard) The stack of local systems with restricted variation and the passage from geometric to classical Langlands theory
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  Oct 2 Hector Pasten (PUC Chile) A Chabauty-Coleman estimate for surfaces in abelian threefolds
Video | Slides
  Oct 9 Jonathan Wang (MIT) Local L-values and geometric harmonic analysis on spherical varieties
Video | Slides
  Oct 16 George Boxer (ENS de Lyon) Higher Coleman Theory
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  Oct 23 Sarah Zerbes (UCL) The Bloch-Kato conjecture for GSp(4)
  Oct 30 David Loeffler (Warwick) P-adic interpolation of Gross--Prasad periods and diagonal cycles
  Nov 6 Chi-Yun Hsu (UCLA) Construction of Euler systems for GSp4×GL2
Video | Notes
  Nov 13 Yuanqing Cai (Kyoto) Certain representations with unique models
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  Nov 20 Takuya Yamauchi (Tohoku) Automorphy of mod 2 Galois representations associated to the quintic Dwork family and reciprocity of some quintic trinomials
  Dec 4 Eugen Hellmann (Münster) Towards automorphy lifting for semi-stable Galois representations
  Dec 11 Zhilin Luo (Minnesota)
  Dec 18

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Organizers: Chao Li and Eric Urban