Enumerative Geometry Seminar, Spring 2017

Monday, 2:40-4pm, 622 Math

Organizer: Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu
Date SpeakerTitle References
Mon.1/23 Melissa Liu (Columbia) The Eynard-Orantin recursion and all genus mirror symmetry for the projective line arXiv:1411.3557v3
Mon.1/30 Melissa Liu (Columbia) Mixed Spin P fields IV arXiv:1603.06184
Mon.2/6 Zijun Zhou (Columbia) GW/DT correspondence for local gerby curves of transversal A_n singularity arXiv:0312059, arXiv:0406092, arXiv:1612.00652
Mon.2/13 Xin Wang
(Shandong University/Columbia)
Topological recursion relations from Pixton's relations arXiv:1603.05151, arXiv:1608.08854
Mon.2/20 Xin Wang
(Shandon University/Columbia)
The genus-2 G-function for semisimple Frobenius manifold arXiv:1205.5990, arXiv:math/1310.2101
Mon.2/27 Chien-Hsun Wang
(National Taiwan University/Columbia)
Relative Gromov-Witten invariants and log mirror symmetry arXiv:0009190
Mon.3/6 Yefeng Shen (Stanford University) LG/CY correspondence in dimension one
Mon.3/13 no seminar Spring break
Mon.3/20 Zijun Zhou (Columbia) GW/DT correspondence for local gerby curves of transversal A_n singularity, II arXiv:1612.00652
Mon.3/27 Bohan Fang
(Peking University/IAS)
Topological recursion for the large-N dual of a torus knot arXiv:1607.01208
Mon.4/3 Yu-Shen Lin (Columbia) Open Gromov-Witten Invariants in some Hitchin Moduli Spaces and the Multiple Cover Formula
Mon.4/10 Melissa Liu (Columbia) Gromov-Witten invariants of stable maps with fields arXiv:1101.0914
Mon.4/17 Alessandro Chiodo (IMJ-PRG) Genus-one double ramification cycles via Picard functors
Mon.4/24 David Treumann
(Boston College/IAS)
Microlocal sheaf theory and Lagrangian handlebodies
Mon.5/1 no seminar JDG 2017
Mon.5/8 Anton Zeitlin (Columbia) TBA