MATH G6071: Numerical Methods in Finance

Programming Assignments

The sample code found here is provided for educational purposes only, without warranty of any kind. It was written in a hurry, specifically to be read by novice C programmers, to illustrate numerical methods in an academic course. Some of this code is reasonably good, but by the time you've figured out which code you can rely on, it's your code and you have assumed all responsibility for its proper use.

My assumption in providing this sample code is that novice programmers will need to rely heavily on it, while more seasoned programmers will by temperament want to write their own code, for ease of modification later. Students wishing to flaunt their programming prowess are encouraged to suggest ways in which this sample code can be improved without sacrificing concision or clarity.

Assignment 1: Sample code:

Assignment 2: Sample code for this assignment will appear here in the next week. We will be reusing this project for extensions such as American options, so write code you will be willing to look at again.

Please submit physical printouts. Please do not submit assignments by email.