Python iTunes project

Copyright © 2008 Dave Bayer. Subject to a BSD-style license.

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iTunes version 0.2 (18) is a Python module that interfaces with iTunes on Mac OS. It relies on appscript, an Apple event bridge that allows Python scripts to control scriptable Mac OS X applications.

The following are sample Python scripts that serve each of my needs, calling the iTunes module:

The following source tarball is available:

Python is a general purpose programming language that is worth mastering; Applescript is not. Indeed, for casual programmers willing to learn a single language, Python makes an ideal choice. This project illustrates the use of appscript in Python, as an alternative to using Applescript.

I will happily discuss this code in public forums, so that others may benefit from the exchange. Please send me an email to alert me, if you have posted a question or comment in such a forum.