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2008 Program

Tower of Hanoi

Jason Behrstock – Faculty
Eli Grigsby – Faculty
Harold Sultan – Graduate Student
Amy Cen
So Eun Park
Ian Spafford
Michael Rand
Andrew Zhang

So Eun Park posted a paper to the arxiv. It is available at:


Aaron Lauda – Faculty
Joelle Brichard – Graduate Student
Ben Elias – Graduate Student
Giwan Kim
Andrew Kontaxis
David Xia

Floer Homology

Adam Knapp – Faculty
Ina Petkova – Graduate Student
Roman Zarev – Graduate Student
Yael Degany
James Oyuang
Xuran Wang

Hyperbolic Geometry

Max Lipyanskiy – Faculty
Thomas Peters – Graduate Student
Cory Bergman
Taekgyu Lee
Eric Potash
Rachel Vishnepolsky

Polyhedral cones and their intersections with lattices

Michael Thaddeus – Faculty
Alex Perry
Christopher Lopez
Atanas Atanasov

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