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Posting a Job Opening

To post a job opening, please send an email to with a job description. Include contact information so that interested students and graduates can respond. Please use your professional, not private, email address. If the opening is relevant, we will distribute it to current students and recent graduates, and those who are interested will respond to you directly. If you wish, we can post the opening to our alumni Linkedin group as a “job discussion”, thus reaching alumni with several years of work experience. No third party postings, please. Make sure you have the authority to post the opening.

Recruiting Presentations

We can arrange for you to give a recruiting presentation to the MAFN students on campus. Such presentations would typically take place on Fridays during the day.

Resume Books

We produce resume books of students looking for regular positions or internships. They are updated several times during the year. To join our mailing list for resume books, please send an email to, and indicate the name of your organization, as well as your department, if relevant. Please use your professional, not your private, email address. You can download the current resume book(s) here:

Summer 2019 Regular Employment Candidates Resume Book 05-28-2019
Summer 2019 Internship Candidates Resume Book 05-28-2019
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