Columbia-Princeton Probability Day 2023

Columbia-Princeton Probability Day 2023

Friday, April 28, 2023     Ľ     Columbia University


All events are at Columbia University. Talks will be in Room 312 in Mathematics Hall.

Breakfast, lunch, and tea will be provided, in Room 520 (the mathematics lounge) in Mathematics Hall.


Registration (which is free) can be done at this link. It is not required for attendance, but highly encouraged as it will help us arrange for food.

  • Louis-Pierre Arguin (CUNY)
  • Milind Hegde (Columbia)
  • Donghan Kim (Michigan)
  • Jinyoung Park (NYU)
  • Jacob Shapiro (Princeton)
  • Philippe Sosoe (Cornell)

9:00–10:10 Breakfast
10:00–10:50 Louis-Pierre Arguin
10:55–11:35 Jacob Shapiro
11:40–12:20 Donghan Kim
12:20–1:20 Lunch
1:20–2:10 Jinyoung Park
2:20–3:00 Milind Hegde
3:00–3:30 Tea
3:30–4:20 Philippe Sosoe

    For further information, please contact the organizers, Milind Hegde or Ivan Corwin.