(Many strong students seem not to know what funding is available for graduate study in mathematics. This is an attempt to keep a list of funding opportunities in mathematics. Currently it is very incomplete. If you know of other funding opportunities or other lists like this, please send me e-mail. Also let me know if you find errors.)

Advice to students: Believing you probably wont win fellowship X is a bad reason not to apply for X. I've certainly won many things I didn't expect. I urge you to apply for any fellowship for which you're eligible and would like to win. In particular, all U.S. citizens should apply for the NSF GRFP and probably the NDSEG.

This page was last updated on November 9, 2013.

Pure mathematics

Fellowships available for any U.S. university:

Fellowship Eligibility 2013-2014 Deadline Application Available Fine print
National Science Foundation GRFP U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident November 5 (for math) Now None.
Department of Defense NDSEG U.S. Citizen December 20 Now None.
National Physical Science Consortium U.S. Citizen. Strong emphasis on women and underrepresented minorities (formerly a requirement). November 30 Now Two summers as intern required (often at NSA)
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship U.S. Citizen. Strong emphasis on underrepresented minorities. November 20 Now None (I think).
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, emphasis on applied math. October 31? Now None (I think).


Fellowships to specific universities:

Fellowship University Eligibility 2010-2011 Deadline Application Available
Marshall Scholarship U.K. University U.S. Citizen October 3? But probalby due to your university sooner. Now
Rhodes Scholarship Oxford U.S. Citizen October 5? But probalby due to your university sooner. Now
Gates Foundation Cambridge Anyone from outside the U.K.

October 15 (US applicants)

Note: must also apply for admission to Cambridge

September 1
Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship Oxford or Cambridge Columbia Senior

November 25, 2013

Note: must also apply for admission to Oxford or Cambridge



Applied mathematics

(This part might come later.)